ICMC 120

ICMC 120 is an oilfield standard organoclay rheological additive in oil-based fluids and drilling muds, suitable for use in diesel-based formulations. ICMC 120 will impart increased emulsion and temperature stability to drilling mud systems and is used to increase the yield point and gel strengths of an oil-based drilling mud, without significantly affecting the plastic viscosity.


Very light tan


Free flowing powder

Particle size

80%-90% passing a 75 micron

Specific gravity (bulk density)

@20”C (0.75-0.9) gm/cm3

Moisture content

3% minimum to 5% maximum


Supplied in 25kg and/or 50 lb nett multi-ply paper sacks or to customer specification on request

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ICMC 120

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ICMC 120

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