About us

ICMC was established in 2003 to address the specific needs and growing demand from the region’s drilling operations. With no other organophilic clay supplier and manufacturer based in the Middle East, we constructed a purpose built manufacturing plant in Egypt’s Alexandria Free Zone. Nearly two decades later, ICMC has been approved by every major user of organophilic clay in the world.

We manufacture and supply to customers globally, combining our knowledge and experience with the latest plant technology to produce standard and premium quality Organophilic Clays, as well as custom manufactured products for challenging environments. We have established a reputation for supplying the highest quality products, with unrivalled lead times and the best possible customer service.

A reliable service

Whether you place a small or large order, we deliver in a timely manner.

Consistently high standards

We always adhere to the latest safety and product standards, so you can have peace of mind that you’ll only ever get the best product.

A specialist team that cares

An experienced team that is small enough to care and offer a personal service but large enough to meet your supply requirements.

Competitive pricing

We always endeavour to be competitive in our marketplace.

Your criteria 100% guaranteed

We will meet your criteria and carry out all the necessary testing to ensure the product meets the needs of your environment. We will even custom-brand your packaging.

Specialist high quality products

We specialise in the production of organophilic clay for use with diesel and low aromatic-based mud systems. This focus allows to meet your specific needs and ensure the highest quality product.

Stringent testing

Every batch we produce is subject to stringent testing in ICMC’s fully equipped mud testing laboratory.

Product personalisation

We have the people and the tools to custom manufacture material for any environment.

Perfect packaging

Products can be supplied in branded or own-label 50Ib or 25kg sacks (palletised, shrink-wrapped and strapped).

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How we work